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I'm Martina. I work as a journalist and Chief Reporter for a Media Group, as well as am the founder of M.Stories. Through this show and events, I would like to help you create everything that you want and bring together fantastic, like-minded people.

What ist M. Stories?

M. Stories consists of an online show and events where have I gathered the most beautiful and inspiring thoughts of the world thanks to awesome guests - all with a lot of fun. :) 

Exciting entrepreneurs, bestselling authors, Olympic 
athletes, artists from all over the world share their knowledge during the show and at the events - all with a lot of humor and without taking themselves too seriously.

Laura Malina Seiler, Germany's most successful life coach, beauty Guru Dr. Barbara Sturm, Airbnb founder Nathan Blecharczyk, Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe, Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and many many other awesome people show how they managed to achieve everything they had ever dreamed of. 

These women and men have, for example, been on the cover of Forbes Magazine, they have created great companies that let them live out their passions, have deep relationships with other people, and have created a happy and successful life. They share about their beginnings, their breakthroughs, their biggest successes, their low points and moments and actions that changed everything for them.  


For all the people I interviewed, I did not feel that they were more than intelligent. Nobody had won the lottery and only a few come from a rich home. But what they do all have in common is: they have courage. They make decisions. They do not wait 1000 years for the right moment. In addition to their personal history, they share the most important insights on the online show and at our events. 

Among other things, we talk about topics such as professional and personal development, mindset, success routines, and entrepreneurship. 


What can you look forward to?


M. Stories - The Online Show

Every week there will be a new interview. You will be inspired and motivated as well as hear interesting stories and learn tips and tricks. M. Stories combines fun and a good conversation with depth and many things to take away from it. 

M. Stories - The Event 


The Events known as "M.Stories - Create and Connect" can be found throughout Germany.  Our next event is on November 13, 2019 in Munich.

Let yourself be inspired, motivated, learn from the best, have fun and meet other awesome women. What you can expect: live talks with inspirational people, drinks, good food, a goodie bag and much more. Meet exciting people that you wouldn't otherwise meet. Inspirational businesswomen, scientists, designers and more tell their stories live in interviews, especially what they did to build up such successful and happy lives. 


What hurdles did they have to overcome? Who and what helped them to achieve their goals? And most importantly: which tips and tricks can they pass on? What were the things that helped propel them forward?


My goal is to get exciting and helpful insights into your own life trough the interviews and the following question and answer sessions - insights that you will not get anywhere else. 


Use the time before, during and after the interviews to meet other exciting and like-minded people, or relax with a drink, experience tons of surprises, get excited about small gifts and experience an evening that will give you so much energy, fun and motivation so that you are able to achieve your goals and dreams faster. 

Why am I doing this?

Ich love to interview exciting women and men and I also love a good story. These stories and tips from inspiring people motivate and help goals and dreams become realities more quickly. Why not learn from people who have overcome many challenges?

Topic suggestions 

Do you have a suggested topic? Or maybe you have a specific person you'd like to see interviewed? I look forward to your email at 

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